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  July 5
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InterBering, LLC Certificate of Membership .
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InterBering LLC Membership Registration Information and Investment Application

InterBering, LLC Membership Registration

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Key provisions

Railroad transportation company InterBering, LLC, organized in the state of Alaska as a Limited Liability Company (hereafter "the LLC"), is an intermediary organization interested in the construction and operation of a Bering Tunnel and U.S.-Canada-Russia feeder railways. The LLC's initial goals are to accumulate, along with other members of the LLC, initial investment capital amounting from US $10 million to US $50 million.
Once this goal is reached, and full business operations commence, the second phase of the project - converting the LLC into an open public corporation - will commence, with corporation shares issued and traded on a major U.S. stock exchange.

Taking into consideration the full scope of the InterBering, INC's goals - construction of a Bering Strait tunnel along with railways and over 4,000 miles of conventional track in the U.S., Canada and Russia - the total amount of capital planned is US $500 billion and should be sufficient to complete return on investment of LLC members immediately upon converting the LLC into an open public corporation, shares issued and traded on a major U.S. stock exchange, and further construction work on railroad and other infrastructure projects in the three countries, including land acquisition and purchase of railway equipment to fully service:

● Standard (conventional) two-lane railway lines for regular freight and passenger traffic extend into both continents (North America and Eurasia), connecting to existing rail lines - especially from the terminal sites of Fort Nelson in Canada and Yakutsk in Russia, with multiple railway stations accommodating the development of neighboring regions, and the Bering Strait Tunnel, at the cost of US $145 billion dollars.

● Highways running parallel to the new transport corridors serving initially to assist in the organization of construction work, especially in the vicinities of Fairbanks and Wales (Alaska), and Yakutsk and Uelen (Russia), at the cost of US up to $15 billion.

● Land acquisition when necessary, at the cost up to US $10 billion.
● Energy Facility Construction, at the cost up to US $ 30 billion. 

● Acquisition of Rolling Stock, at the cost up to US $15 billion.
● Other expenses, up to US $ 35 billion. ( See Complete Project Implementation Estimate .)

Membership in InterBering, LLC

To become a member of InterBering, LLC an individual can be a U.S. citizen or foreign national interested in making a significant contribution toward connecting the railway systems of North America and Asia, or represent the private company, LLC, corporation, governmental institution, mutual fund, non-profit organization, or any other entity except the terroristic organization, a member of terroristic organization, a person or organization under US government sanctions, and is a subject of approval by the Director of InterBering, LLC.

Membership in the LLC is free, beyond a capital investment which in turn is expected to provide members with significant income after the formation of a public corporation and sale of shares on a major U.S. stock exchange. Members of InterBering, LLC will be rewarded for their early initiative with units in the venture at a ratio of 1 unit for each US $1,000 in invested capital.

Investment in InterBering, LLC

The minimum investment in InterBering, LLC is US $1,000.00 (1 unit.)  The maximum investment amount is limited only to the total required capital of US $50 million (50,000 units.) Total amount of units issued by InterBering, LLC is 500,000.

The member investing $1 million or more (1,000 or more units of LLC) would be able to join InterBering, Inc. as as a member of the Board of Directors of the future corporation, with full access to executive functions of the company. Request must be accompanied with membership application and purchasing required amount of units of InterBering, LLC.

The member investing $10,000 or more (10 or more units of LLC) would be able to join InterBering, Inc. as an executive officer, director or obtaining other professional position by the request accompanied the membership application and purchasing required amount of units of InterBering, LLC.
Fundraising is carried out mainly through bank transfers, and in the U.S. as well with cashiers' checks. Small investors can also pay by credit card. The investor must bear in mind that banks and companies serving the money transfer marketplace charge for such services, and that all related fees must be borne by investors themselves. On investments via credit card, the appropriate handling fees will be automatically added.

If the LLC receives an amount less than an even multiple of US $1,000 (example: US $2,950 instead of an intended US $3,000), only a multiple of US $1,000 will be credited to the investor's account pending receipt of the balance. Otherwise, the balance deposited will be returned, minus any transfer costs.

Termination of InterBering, LLC

Upon receipt of US $10 million to US $50 million  in invested capital, by the desision on the Board of Directors, acceptance of further funds will stop and the company InterBering, LLC will be re-registered as a corporation with sale of its shares on a major U.S. stock exchange. At the same time, members of the LLC will receive shares in the new corporation, InterBering, Inc. With an ultimate stock value in the hundreds of billions of dollars - even an initial one unit of $1,000 might yield much more. These shares can be sold immediately or retained in anticipation of rising value.

Information on those investing in InterBering, LLC

All required information about individual investors must be included in their application to become members of InterBering, LLC. Prospective applicants should go to to print out the application form. Investors should retain a copy of their signed application for their own records.

To diversify our group of investors, every effort will be made to accommodate those with limited funds to invest.
The certificate of membership indicating amount of units and the name of investor (as shown above) will be mailed to investor after completion of purchase.

Fyodor Soloview
Founder / Member / President InterBering, LLC